Waste Vegetable Oil Fuel

US-Biodiesel Fuel recycles waste vegetable oil with our proprietary process and provides waste fryer oil recovery services to restaurants free of charge.


Vegetable Oil is an alternative fuel for diesel engines and for heating oil burners. For engines designed to burn diesel fuel, the viscosity of vegetable oil must be lowered to allow for proper atomization of the fuel, otherwise incomplete combustion and carbon build up will ultimately damage the engine. So US Biofuel Inc, a Nazco Company-used cooking oil disposal company-waste vegetable oil fuel company-used cooking oil for salein US-Biodiesel companies.


Vegetable Oil Filtration System

You should ONLY use Vegetable Oil Filtration System on converted diesel engine’s, otherwise you will pre-filtration systems use, heat, gravity and time to get the job done.

Vegetable oil filtration system – The system comes with a water filtration system and is ideal for using yellow grease as biomass and the FFA content is reduced.

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